With every TREECK pen or TREECK writing set you order, the corresponding amount of trees will be planted. True to the motto ONE PEN – ONE TREE. The two high-quality writing instruments with a barrel made of FSC®-certified walnut wood are laser engraved with the logo “ONE PEN – ONE TREE” on the plug and delivered in the black, illustrated gift box.
The world has around 3,000 billion trees. This sounds like an enormous number, but in reality it is only 46% of the total number of trees that once existed.
Let’s plant lots of new ones and fight climate change together! We are convinced that your customers will also appreciate this campaign!

With your individual advertising imprint, you can create sustainable advertising messages.
With every delivery we send you the certification for your sustainable communication.

In 2023 together with TREECK® YOU will plant trees on Hummock

2023 TREECK plants on Hummock Island in cooperation with the Zurich Zoo

Antarctica is known for its pristine nature and fascinating wildlife. But unfortunately, some islands in the region have suffered from human exploitation. One of these is the 300-hectare uninhabited Hummock Island in the western part of the Falkland Islands. Decades of grazing by sheep and horses upset the fragile sub-Antarctic ecosystem. As a result, a third of the area had eroded and the wind carried the peaty soil into the sea. This in turn damaged the sensitive coral reef that surrounds the island. The Antarctic Research Trust’s renaturation project aims to restore the valuable habitats on Hummock Island.
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