With every TREECK pen or TREECK writing set you order, the corresponding amount of trees will be planted. True to the motto ONE PEN – ONE TREE. The two high-quality writing instruments with a barrel made of FSC®-certified walnut wood are laser engraved with the logo “ONE PEN – ONE TREE” on the plug and delivered in the black, illustrated gift box.
The world has around 3,000 billion trees. This sounds like an enormous number, but in reality it is only 46% of the total number of trees that once existed.
Let’s plant lots of new ones and fight climate change together! We are convinced that your customers will also appreciate this campaign!

With your individual advertising imprint, you can create sustainable advertising messages.
With every delivery we send you the certification for your sustainable communication.

In 2022 together with TREECK® YOU will plant trees in the Albertine Rift

In 2022, TREECK® is planting trees in collaboration with the “Jane Goodall Institute” to reforest
the wood land of the chimpanzees in the Albertine Rift and thus preserve
their natural habitat.

The Albertine Rift is one of Africa’s most important ecoregions and is home to an impressive biodiversity. In addition to a large number of indigenous bird, mammal, reptile and amphibian species, the region is home to a particularly large number of endangered species. Geographically the area spans the countries of Uganda, Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania. The region’s forests are threatened by illegal logging, among other things, as the growing population seeks new farmland. Furthermore, the nature reserve is threatened by illegal forest harvesting as well as gold mining. Together with the “Jane Goodall Institute”, TREECK is committed to reforestation, habitat conservation and the protection of endangered species. With the purchase of your TREECK product, a tree is planted in the Albertine Rift, which supports the conservation of these areas.

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